Rough terrain Telescopic Loader Education/ Instruction


(The DGUV Rule 308-009 is not for „Container handling truck with spreader“ here you need the education for forklifts „DGUV Rule 308-001“)

DGUV Rule 308-009: Training and commission of drivers of rough terrain telescopic loader.

Telescopic loader from Manitou

Die Teilnehmer erhalten ein Zertifikat über die Teilnahme und über das Ergebnis der Abschlussprüfung (Qualifizierungsnachweis). In dem Zertifikat sind die absolvierten Qualifizierungsstufen aufgeführt.

Content by law:

01: Legal basis

02: Structure and function of telescopes

03: Tilting of telescopes

04: Run-up, to cross, to start to slew

05: Working with load

06: Typs of attachments, taking up and laying an attachment 

07: Working near current line

08: Transport, consignment, public traffic, exclusive rights

09: Qualification and respondibilities of instructed users

10: Examinations

11: Regular checks

12: Accident occurrence

13: Special operation

14: Check in theory and practical


Level 1:  (General qualification): Rigid telescopes, pallet fork, bucket/shovel, crane hook

  8 hours (Only by forklift education licence)

16 hours (Beginner)

Level 2a: (additional qualification) Rotatable telescopes:

  8 hours

Level 2b: (additional qualification) Operation as „Mobile elevating working platform“:

  8 hours (not to apply with „Mobile elevating working platform licence“ according as

              DGUV Rule 308-008 group 1b/ 3b). 

Fixed date by request. Only as inhouse education possible.

You need more information about education/ instruction of telescopic loader?

Our instructor/ trainer mister Andreas Hohloch help for questions.





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